Over the past 9 months, I have had the good fortune of building a practice of yoga under the guidance of Anne Patrick. Anne is one of those rare individuals who is a gifted, talented and creative teacher and who understands the importance of working with individuals, taking into account their needs and aspirations, while encouraging them to take the next step toward unleashing their potential. Anne has a great sense of humor, is always flexible and engaging, and with every session, I feel more and more fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her.
— Liz, Boston
Anne Patrick is one of the most compassionate, engaging and knowledgeable yoga teachers I have ever met. Her warm & welcoming energy puts you at ease the minute you walk into the door. It is clear she puts a lot of time and thought into each pose of the Yin practice and takes special care of everyone in the room. She truly values the stillness, deep breathing and silence that we could all benefit from. Her light adjustments melts away any unnecessary tension and transfers love and positive energy exactly where you need it. I can always rely on Anne’s yin class to quiet my mind, slow down the thought process and leave feeling lighter than air. If I could practice with Anne everyday, I would be one happy and healthy lady.
— Ashlee, Boston
I have been practicing yoga for 20+ years at various studios in and around the Boston area. Upon a recent move into Boston I found Anne at Yoga Works. She is a breath of fresh air. Anne’s voice alone creates a calm and supportive yoga vibe. Her flow sequences never disappoint, as they are creative, varied, and challenging. She always provides a less challenging or more challenging option with her posture sequence. Her hands-on assists are also a benefit to her classes. Anne’s classes are often accompanied by Kirtan music, which, for me, is a lovely and peaceful way to start the day. I can’t say enough positive things about this beautiful yogi.
— Nancy, Boston
I’ve been taking Anne’s early morning classes for a while now and she is hands down my favorite instructor. She helps to wake us up in a thoughtful and purposeful method, and before I know it I’m working harder than I expect to at 6am! Her fluidity with transitions and progressions to the peak pose are wonderful and filled with grace, and inspire me to find the dance within the breath and movement. Her gentle encouragement has me bending deeper and pushing further than I expected to be able to within the time that I’ve been taking her class, and every week I look forward to the growth in my practice that I know Anne will help lead me to.
— Tessa, Brighton
Practicing yoga has always been something that I have struggled to keep a part of my weekly routine. Anne’s classes changed that for me. For the first time I was able to look forward to class and truly see improvement in my practice. Not only has my yoga improved but her classes helped improve my chronic pain and helped me to find balance mentally and physically as I train for the Pan-Mass Challenge. Anne is patient and her classes are challenging yet rewarding - a very important combination. I look forward to each time I step on the mat!
— Alex, Brighton
Training for my first marathon, I learned quickly that simply running farther is just one part of the training process. I started incorporating Anne’s vinyasa into my weekly training plan on my ‘rest days’ to keep my plantar fasciitis at ease. Nearly 800 miles and one marathon later, I was able to finish faster than my goal time and most importantly completely pain free. Anne’s classes were restorative for both the mind and body. Perfect for a distance runner or someone just looking for balance in their life.
— Scott, Boston
My yoga practice with Anne is challenging and forgiving—both are so important! She guides us along with great care and attention—and she listens. It is a collaboration—and that’s essential!
— Susan, Winthrop
Anne led our yoga class to hip hop music and packed it with sweat, serious ab work, and hip openers while maintaining a sense of zen and calm through the most challenging poses. She is extremely patient and her cueing is thorough, consistent, and clear. Anne is engaging, witty, and fun! I definitely look forward to improving my practice with her.
— Melissa, Somerville
Anne’s technique really helped me gain a better understanding of the different poses. I greatly benefited by the way Anne transitions between poses. Typically I am ‘left footed’ and have a hard time getting a “flow” going because I always have to ‘reset’ between poses; however, Anne’s class felt very fluid as the transitions make sense and seem natural. Anne also does a good job of explaining the various poses, and creates a good atmosphere.
— Roop, Boston
Infectious, relatable, welcoming, and all-round incredible human. Anne Patrick is a Massachusetts born and raised salt-in-her-bones kind of gal. She pairs over 500 hours of extensive yoga teacher training, with degrees in biology and psychology. Her breadth of knowledge set a rock solid understanding of the practice, it’s wide ranging benefits, and applications. Insightful without being too heavy, her sequences are woven with humor and her perpetual smile. You’ll work hard, with her supportive presence there to lead you on through more vigorous vinyasas, as well as her deliberate slow flows, all towards a well-deserved savasana. Giggle, sweat, repeat.
— YogaWorks, Back Bay

Anne has worked with clients including:
Boston College Men’s Basketball team
Boston College Women’s Basketball team
The Boston Marathon
DayBreaker at the Institute of Contemporary Art
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
New Balance